At Return, we understand the importance of sales enablement, content management, and the business outcomes that sales and marketing leaders crave. To that end, Return has developed an AI-powered, fully automated and integrated platform that helps organizations connect their content to business success. Return’s platform is designed to help businesses maximize their sales potential by providing seamless access to the content, tools and resources that their sales teams need to succeed.

One of the key benefits of Return's platform is that it’s fully automated and integrated with the tools sellers use every day, so it works without users having to actively log in and do any additional administrative work. Because it integrates with your CRM, Return tracks how and when content is used, by whom, to whom, for what leads or opportunities the user is pursuing, and then evaluates the success of that content based on whether the lead converted, the opportunity advanced or was won or lost.

Return's AI-powered recommendation engine then brings forward the content that would be most useful to salespeople based specifically on their active leads or opportunities, and autonomously makes content recommendations to each individual seller based on their unique set of circumstances, including their current lead/deal stage and the past success of a piece of content used in similar circumstances. Return also scales content insights, including deal success metrics, and what top sellers are using to win. This allows sales teams to have access to the most relevant and effective content without having to spend time searching for it or asking others in the organization for assistance.

In addition, Return's platform provides powerful analytics tools that help businesses track content effectiveness as it relates to business outcomes and identifies areas for improvement as you plan for the next campaign or launch, or simply just to move onto the next opportunity. Return's analytics enable businesses to monitor key metrics such as deal advancement, win rates and sales cycle durations, giving organizations the insights they need to optimize their sales processes, drive business growth and easily repeat winning approaches.

In conclusion, if you're looking for an AI-powered, fully automated and integrated platform that can help you streamline your content management, improve sales enablement and accelerate business success while not disrupting your sales and marketing teams’ already jam-packed workflows, Return is the solution for you. With features that incorporate sales enablement, content management, out-of-the-box performance-related reporting and analytics, Return’s AI-powered platform is designed to help sales teams achieve their goals and drive growth, while leveraging the latest trends and technologies in sales enablement.

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