Return provides a true Services+Software solution for their clients, closing the loop between marketing, sales and business outcomes.

Today Return supports the services needed by B2B enterprise clients while delivering the solutions in the Return platform, automatically measuring success. This seamless flywheel allows for efficiency, speed, accuracy and growth - for the entire organization.

Meet our founders

Sales leaders today have to communicate even more with their customers over a longer period of time and make faster decisions with exponentially more content to choose from. With Return we wanted that process to be easy and have that content choice simplified – and all based on cumulative content success of the entire organization as defined by true business outcomes – wins, losses and deal movement.

Greg Dvorken

Founder & CEO

We asked ourselves why there wasn’t a way to find out why content has succeeded or not. That was our bar. If we could answer the why and also scale those insights across the company – all without adding more complexity and time to a seller’s already busy day – then we’d have something that could be valuable and tell both the individual and the organization what’s working in order to make a better next decision.

Tracey Halvorsen

Co-founder & CXO

“Return's founding team has lived the problem they're solving for. We look forward to seeing how this testing and validation phase goes as Return releases this new technology to the world and into a $130 billion industry.”


Mission and Values

Return's mission is to create intelligent data-driven solutions to maximize organizational collaboration and performance, focusing on how humans work and communicate in a digital age.

Above and Beyond

Everyone at Return is expected to go above and beyond in all aspects of their jobs and as humans. We can only deliver excellence if we bring it to our work every day, without exception.  We over-deliver in quality, communication and performance, and never settle for good enough. We will do whatever it takes to support our team, our customers, and our families. Everything we do, everything we create, and every interaction we have with others should be exceptional.

Responsibility with Empathy

We know what doing the right thing means, and we expect it in our team members. Doing the right thing requires an emotional and intellectual maturity as well as possessing vast amounts of empathy – for each other, our customers, and ourselves. We understand what is expected of us, and we are responsible for the energy and excellence we bring to our work and our lives.

Solve Problems for Humans

We may be creating software, but more importantly we are creating solutions to make people’s lives better. That means everything we do needs to take into account that there is a human being on the other side of the screen, who is trying to solve problems. We will always strive to ensure our products and services successfully address the human problem in ways that provide compelling successes.

Work Better, Together

We believe that when people feel respected and included they can be more creative, innovative, and successful. We know that great things don’t happen in vacuums or bubbles. Creating an inclusive workplace that promotes and celebrates diversity is integral to our success as a company and is critical to the development of outstanding solutions.

Careers at Return

Return is growing rapidly and looking for the right people to join our team!

We are actively looking for developers, designers, writers, product leads, customer success managers, and revenue / sales leads. We are searching for intellectually curious, emotionally mature individuals who bring diverse backgrounds and experiences to the team.

If you want to get in on the ground-floor of a startup that’s aiming high and focusing on quality and customer experience, drop us a line at